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My husband has a sticky note on the inside of his closet door that reads, "Be Relentlessly Positive." The pencil scribbled blue sticky note has moved from apartment to another apartment to our home. Each time it gets re-stuck on the inside of his closet door. I recently and finally took the advice this sticky note offers. I have found so much mental freedom by practicing this...Be Relentlessly Positive.

Be free through the emotions of positivity.

When we focus on our positive emotions, we gain the capacity for better health, enhanced relationships and broaden our minds.

Not to encourage a Pollyanna complex – the goal is to reduce inappropriate negativity. In her book, Positivity, Barbara Frederickson points out, “…gratuitous negativity can you hold you hostage…” Who wants to be held hostage? Suffering over problems that are ruminating in my own noggin can be quite debilitating at times.

How do you seek out this freedom through positivity?

Small steps ... start reframing your thoughts…

It’s 6am and the alarm is beeping loudly …. Whew, thanks to this alarm I won’t be late for work…

The mowers that you pay left a strip unmowed … well at least they got 98% of the grass mowed and it is easy enough to text them to ask that they remember next week…

I wish my partner would just ______ ..... I really appreciate that my partner _______...

You get the point.

As you begin, this new behavior will be challenging. Be kind to yourself as you learn how to expand your positive emotions simply through your reframing your thoughts. When you are successful, pat yourself on the back. When you are not successful, simply resolve to try harder next time.

As you make progress, take a minute to recognize how free you are to transform your mind and not be held hostage by your surroundings. It works, I promise.

Be relentlessly positive, friend.

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