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It is common to walk into a burger joint or a pizza parlor and signage alerts you to their excellence and prizes.

“Voted Best Burger in Kansas City. “

“Best Pizza in the Metro for 50 years!”

I love to eat. I also love that we get to do it every day! Feeding family and friends really gets me going. When I am not eating, my daughters and I pretend-eat. Would you call me a food lover?

When you eat as much as me…it’s important to make sure that wholesome lean proteins, fruits and vegetables are on the menu. Otherwise, I will quickly blow through the calorie limits that MyFitnessPal allows me. Worse, my figure gets quite….disfigured… You can see how important it would be for me to find the sign that says, “Voted Best Salad in Kansas City for 50 years!”

I am on a war path to find the BEST SALAD in Kansas City. Each week I find a new restaurant. Then when the menu is placed in front of me, I focus solely on the Salads. In doing so, I have found a lot of personal favorites. These favorites are referenced and passed along as I assist

clients in making healthy eating decisions outside of home.

Today I extend the BEST SALAD IN KANSAS CITY CAMPAIGN to you. I have to know, where do you think the best salad is? Submit your vote to me on Twitter or Facebook. I will post the results on July 1st.

May the BEST SALAD WIN! Be part of the decision!

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