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Friends, you’ve heard it a thousand times, eat your greens!

But when trying to choose a place to eat, my mouth waters for Oklahoma Joe’s pulled pork sandwiches and Flea Market burgers. Nothing against those joints - I will still chow down there when I please - but they do inhibit my ability to “eat my greens.”

Following my last post, you recommended and I tested! I have been testing out salads all over town and I am ready to tell you about what I found.

Over the next few weeks I will be featuring 10 options in Kansas City to go and grab a great salad. We have found some that actually turn on your craving brain….just like the Best Burgers in Kansas City do. Once we see all the bests out on the table, let’s rank them together!

Today we are featuring the Ahi Tuna Salad at Gram and Dun on the Kansas City Plaza. As I type, my mouth starts to salivate. Seriously. If you have not tried this salad, grab your keys and get in your car now. No need to read on.

But if you need more convincing…

When your Ahi Tuna Salad arrives it is uniquely square and stacked high. Layers of deliciousness that mimic a layered cake. Perfectly positioned spinach is covered by a few bean sprouts and then covered by a wonton. All is topped with a very thinly cut ahi tuna steak that was rolled in sesame and cooked rare. Interspersed is a heavenly chili ginger vinaigrette that gives a tinge of spice and a hint of an asian dish.

As you cut into your “layer cake” it will mix perfectly offering a satisfying amount of crunch and flavor. It is hard to imaging you are really eating salad. I prefer to eat this salad alone…so that I don’t have to take my senses away from it. Grabbing my keys now!

Props to Gram and Dun. The servers are kind, knowledgeable and even enthusiastic about their favs on the menu. The atmosphere is second to none for the customer who wants patio dining or inside with the windows wide open. It is closer to coastline style dining than your typical inland experience. They do a lot right in that restaurant so you might see them again as we feature more mouth watering salads in KC.

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