This One’s for you Mama’s Out There…(Dads too)

You’re working your tail off to lose the baby weight…ok…or the I-am-too busy being a mom (or dad) to think about my health.

You have these beautiful little kiddos with snot running down their noses. And they are yelling, “I want Chick Fil A!” Not because you taught them to crave Chick Fil A! But because they got invited to a kiddie birthday party at Chick Fil A, and had a blast. Of course they were never going to forget that one!

So now you want them to eat their fruits and their vegetables but they want Chick Fil A.

You are in luck, to a degree. Maybe it won’t be the day that you teach them to eat their fruits and veggies, but you can!

Chick Fil A is the place where kids and parents can be happy.

When you complete the kids order and turn to yourself, you choose the side salad with Italian dressing and the 12 count of grilled chicken nuggets (entre only!)…

Ok get ready – your food is sitting in front of you and the kids think you are the best parent ever as they munch away. You take your side salad, remove the lid, dump the grilled nuggets and the Italian dressing on top and put the lid back on. Now ensure the lid is secure for this next step!

Ready? Shake it!!! Turn it upside down and shake it up and down and side to side.

All right, it’s your turn, open and enjoy! This is a mouth-watering salad. The grilled nuggets are warm and seasoned to perfection. The Italian dressing is only 25 calories and coats greens perfectly.

You choose if you have the available calories or gluten tolerance to add the sun-dried tomato crunchies they give you. Without them your meal is a whopping 305 calories but oh-so-filling. With them, 365 calories.

Ok – so we can’t complain anymore. We found a place where the whole family can get what they want.


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