Delivering...Al Verde!

Thank you Liz Tascio for participating in the effort to find the best salad in Kansas City! We need all the help we can get wading through the best BBQ, burgers and pizza when we are trying to make healthy choices! Liz recently responded with her favorite salad in Kansas City and I ran right out to try it!

Her favorite salad is at Taco Republic and called the Al Verde Salad. The bowl is full of various veggies allowing you to do the vegan version or add wood fired chicken or crispy shrimp. No matter the version you choose to suit your tastes, you will not be short on bursts of flavor.

This salad has a tuscany kale and romaine as your base - no I cannot confirm whether that kale was really flown in from Tuscany…but I am guessing the seeds were…at some point in history.

Need to feel like you are living the high life? This salad is chock-full of specialty items like jicama, golden beets which are more mild than red and even pepita seeds. Pepita seeds were only something that I had read about in healthy eating articles but finally managed to taste test here. Feel fancy refined eaters because these green seeds are a Spanish culinary term for pumpkin seed. Fancy Nancy would love this salad.

This continues to set itself apart from your regular joe-shmoe salad. It is dressed with a pepita agave vinaigrette. It leaves your taste buds desperate for the next bite!

This restaurant gets a big thumbs up for outdoor seating and fun games to keep everyone entertained! Go! Try the Al Verde Salad. You will be thanking yourself when you do.

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