A Shout Out for Coal Vines in Kansas City

Lucky for me, I have good friends with good ideas! Recently, my dear friend Jen suggested lunch at Coal Vines on the Plaza in Kansas City. Having never been to Coal Vines, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do some salad taste testing for our contest. My lunch date was the highlight but the salad wasn’t too shabby!

Coal Vines has a simple lunch menu with very pleasing options to satisfy everyone. There were four salad options. Every one of them made my mouth water. Eventually I chose the Mixed Greens salad simply because it had goat cheese. I heart goat cheese. Not only does it taste good, slightly pungeount, but goats milk is so much more gentle on our digestive systems. Choose it, my health conscious friends, as often as you can. Additionally you can choose to add chicken, shrimp or salmon. Notice these are not your typical choices but impressive ones to say the least.

I settled on the Mixed Greens Salad with Salmon. It was top notch! The salmon was grilled, to perfection. I always like the smoky flavor that grilling lends the meal. The goat cheese is a perfect opposition, Some might say compliment and that it does, but I like how a smoky salmon and goat cheese leave two totally different bursting flavors in your mouth. The salad was dressed in a light red wine vinaigrette. Throughout were dried cherries, pistachio nuts and red onion. This salad has a lot of personality. It definitely has made my go-to salads in Kansas City list.

Won’t you join me for lunch?

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