Best Salad in Kansas City...To Be Continued...Indefinitely

I’ve been hung up. This is very hard to admit to, since my job as a coach is to get people moving forward. Lucky for me, I just had the ah-ha moment to get me unstuck. I am hung up on choosing the Best Salad in Kansas City.

For weeks now I have been wanting to wrap up our Best Salad in KC campaign. But I have learned this summer that salad lovers love so many different kids of salad. And why shouldn’t they? Salad is a diverse dish! Even the same ingredients don’t always make the same salad.

There are so many great salads that we have showcased here and so many more to find. This will be an ongoing exploration. So go out and find those yummy bowls of raw veggies! Enjoy and report back! Personally, I could eat the ahi tuna salad at Gram and Dunn on the Plaza every day of the week.

But I won’t.

Because then I wouldn’t have the time to try the one that you suggest. I will remain open to suggestions.

Salad lovers, keep searching and sharing your favs so that we can all keep good care of our health and nutrition together.

That’s a wrap on salads! Wishing you your own ah-ha moment today.

Next up, Overcoming Anxiety and Depression through Learned Optimism. Stay tuned.

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