If you don't have anything nice to say...

How do you deal with your inner monologue? You know what I am talking about. No, you are not crazy! We’re all doin’ it! But please proceed with caution...

Neuroscientists can now confirm that your inner monologue influences the connections you are growing in your brain. We have the power to make the right connections. Ugly talk creates connections that breed more ugly talk and then releases powerful chemicals like cortisol into your body. Conversely, kind talk creates connections that breed more kind talk. These compassionate internal conversations can give you hormones like dopamine. Who doesn’t want a little shot of dopamine?! I’ll take a hit. Thank you very much.

So where can you start on this path toward self compassion? And more importantly to that dopamine hit?

Try altering the way you talk to yourself and make it sound a lot more like you would talk to your best friend in need…

Instead of…”Gosh, I am so stupid”….Try this…”What am I missing?”

Instead of…”Plan A was a bust”…Try this…”Good think the alphabet has 25 more letters!”

Instead of…”I am not fast enough”…Try this…”Did I do the best I could?”

When you give yourself the gift of self compassion, you give yourself a shot of dopamine - our organic happy drug. Furthermore, greater ability to extend that compassion to others….even the people in your life who challenge your compassion skills.

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