The Kindness Movement

Occasionally, I get to drop in on morning chapel at my kiddo’s school. Chapel their is the best way to start the day! It never fails to give me the warm fuzzies and center me. I always leave focused on what’s important in life and happy that I spend the money to send my kids to such a great place (a necessary plus). Today was one of those occasional drop-ins and the chapel lesson was on Kindness. (Thanks be to the Universe)

Couldn’t we all use a dose of kindness?

The teacher gave the kids ideas for ways they can incorporate kindness in their lives; Call a relative just to say Hi, do a household chore without being asked, smile at people passing by. The possibilities go on and on and we all have the ability to be kind a thousand times a day.

Personally, I need to be kind to myself by eating well, exercising and remembering to talk to myself the same way I would talk to my best friend.

Outwardly, I can smile at my husband and tell him how I am proud of him. My kids like when we cuddle on the couch and read together. Kindness is easier than you might think.

Have you ever gone to Starbucks and had the person in front of you in the drive through pay for your coffee? Kind acts are happening all around us! Be part of the movement. Tell me what you are doing to be kind.

I thought we drove home the kindness point in chapel today when we sang Louis Armstrong’s, What a Wonderful World. It was so heart-warming. However the next part got the tears flowing for me…the teacher showed us this video…don’t skip this, it will be the best spent two minutes of your day.

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