The Key to Happiness

We tend to seek happiness

When happiness is actually a choice

This quote hangs next to our breakfast table. It serves as a reminder for us to actively seek happiness…

This quote bothered one of my friends. He read it with a surprised look on his face, read it out loud to me, and then asked me, “What does this mean?”

It means we must relentlessly pursue happiness.

There are steps that we can take to become happier. When we actively pursue positive emotions, happiness ensues. Try these steps to increase your happiness. Research has proven they work.

Make a list of everything that you are grateful for.

Meditate for 5 minutes on your happiest experience.

Listen to uplifting music.

Plan a fun activity: anticipate the fun you are going to have, intentionally relish in the fun when the timed activity arrives, celebrate the memory, and tell everyone about it.

Read The Happiness Project for a plethora of amazing ideas to make your life a happy life.

My 5th grade teacher taught me if you wake up and decide you are going to have a good day, you probably will. If you wake up and decide it is going to be a bad day, you are probably right… She was ahead of the science, and she was right.

Make your day a happy one…

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