Journey of Gratitude

Take a gratitude journey

The wellness coaches in my life are always giving me ideas for increasing my personal wellness.

One suggestion I recently put into practice: Sit down in a quiet space and think of a time when someone gave you a gift. It can be the gift of their time, their love, or monetary…whatever you choose.

Spend time thinking about the day and what was going on around you when they gave you this gift. How did it make you feel to receive this gift? How did you feel about them when they gave you this gift?

Now take out a piece of paper. Write Dear Friend, and compose a thank you note that describes the gift, the day, and the feelings you experienced with as much detail as you can remember. Tell them “thank you” for this incredible gift.

According to Sonja Lyubomirsky and her brilliant team of scientists, who research evidence-based strategies to boost the happiness centers of the brain, this activity will give you an instant boost in your own personal happiness that will last for a few weeks – even if you don’t send the letter!

To get an even stronger hit of happiness, take them the letter. Let them read it in your presence.

My experience turned into happy tears, hugs, and now a memory that my mind keeps returning to. It puts a smile on my face and my heart swells. If this isn’t a happiness high, I don’t know what is…

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