Maintain Your Focus

We are officially six days into 2016. Are your New Year’s resolutions still part of your daily thoughts?

If yours are starting to fade into the regular routine, reconnect to those big new ideas. Bring focus back to those goals as often as you can.

As we approach the one week mark for the new year, reconnect with your goals. If you wrote down New Year’s resolutions, pull out that piece of paper and tape it on your closet door. If you were just keeping them in your mind, it might be time to write them down. You will be more successful if you write resolutions down in your own handwriting and put them in plain sight. Hang them on the bathroom mirror or place them on your night stand.

Ask yourself, what is going well for me? Have you walked 10,000 steps every day, or made to all the yoga classes that you intended to?

If you’ve done well on a resolution, celebrate your accomplishment. Relish in it for a bit. It will motivate you to get to the next accomplishment.

Congratulations for getting this far. You are working hard so commend yourself!

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