Planning Increases Success

I love brainstorming ideas to make life happier, more productive, interesting, smoother going...

If the pen hits the paper with my new idea and takes on its own lifeform, I know it is likely to happen. Without the plan, the great ideas that I came up with...fade into space.

Have you ever started a fantastic and amazing new habit on Monday and forgotten it by Friday?

Guilty…a millions times over.

For years, I have had mentors, friends, blog articles, evidence based psychology, etc. tell me to make a plan if I want to be successful.

Finally, I heard you!

For 3 weeks now, I have made a weekly meal plan and for 3 weeks I have been successful at making healthier dietary choices for every meal. Much thanks to Organize Yourself Skinny and other brilliant blogs that she connected me to.

When we remove ambiguity and create a plan to focus on, our brains start 10 miles closer to the finish line. And chances of success increase dramatically.

You can apply a plan of action to any piece of your life. Visualize the best scenario, write down the action plan, put it in plain sight for daily reminding and start going through the motions until your new plan becomes your new habit.

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