Getting UNstuck

My husband: How is your blog going?

Me: it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted one.

Loving husband: Oh, why?

Me: I have writer’s block.

Loving husband: I don’t think you can call 3 paragraphs writer’s block.

Me: Well, I am stuck…

Loving husband: If I were your client how would you tell me to get unstuck?

Me: Good point.

If we are stuck with a problem and feel like we just don’t have enough creativity to solve it, here is an activity that might help.

Harvard psychologist Shelley Carson’s extensive research reveals hundreds of activities that turn on specific areas of our brain sets. Since I want to keep this to three paragraphs,I will relay one that recently worked well for me.

To unclog the drains and get those creative juices moving again try this activity to jumpstart you. It will help you make associations and increase divergent thinking skills.

Grab a paper, pencil and a book. Open any book and point to a word. If the word is not a noun, find the closest noun. Turn the page and find one more. Write down both words but leave space between them for three words. Now think of three words on your own that serve as connecting words creating an association. For example, (straight from Shelley’s text):

Using fish and money -

Fish – Ocean – Yacht – Wealthy - Money

Can you follow the association?

Now try it by only adding 2 words.

Fish – Stream – Bank – Money

And a little more difficult…Try adding only 1 word.

Fish – Gold – Money

This activity certainly got my brain rockin’ and rollin’ again.

Enjoy the brain workout!

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