Anticipating the Royals Return

Driving through Kansas City today the radio station announced that they were about to play Royals by Lorde. And since we live in the home of the Royals baseball team, the dj was obligated to disclose that we are 36 days from Opening Day. I immediately smiled, butterflies swept through my tummy and I started singing at the top of my lungs and dancing to the catchy song.

Did you know that the majority of the happiness we receive from a great vacation lies in the anticipation? Yes, we get a boost simply from dreaming of what could be. And yet another boost when we plan the details of that dream vacation.

In our house, and many across Kansas City, we are counting down the next 36 days as if Christmas is coming. We know when the pitchers and catchers check into spring training. Many are traveling to Arizona to see the preseason games. Anticipation is mounting and with it morale and comradery ... and so is happiness.

What are you looking forward to? Find something to anticipate, for a healthy dose of happiness.

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