Turn the Radio Up!

My husband and I took our son to his first music concert last night – Mumford and Sons. I can still feel the vibration to my core. This band specializes in bring multiple instruments to their songs. More than 10 musical instruments made an appearance on the stage. Each one affected me deeply, each in a different way. The bass guitar makes my chest feel full, the drums always make my heart swell and pound with the beat, the piano makes my ears smile and the tambourine makes me want to giggle. The energy was so high that my body can’t help but to dance.

Many MD’s, Pediatricians and psychologists use music for therapy. It has the power to increase the activity in our brain. We release happy hormones that that envelope and nurture our hearts. We become distracted from our distressing thoughts. Music demands that we live in the present. The human mind thrives when it is allowed to exist in the present. There is a never ending list of reasons to incorporate music into your life. But for now, why not just turn the radio up, for that sweet sound…

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