Making Light of the Rain

We are experiencing record breaking rainfall this month. The forecast for the coming days…rain, thunderstorms and more rain for as many days as the meteorologists can forecast…

So this week, I have been asking my clients – How do you plan to make “light” of the coming rain?

Most respond with the exasperated - I have no idea!!!

Then we muddle around to find something that is going well around the rain.

What is the rain doing well for me?

This morning, my toddler got up before 6am demanding breakfast. We meandered down the stairs, poured some cereal for her and coffee for me. We decided to make the most of this earlier-than-usual morning by sitting on the screened in porch. She insisted that she sit on my lap while gobbling down her granola.

The clouds quickly rolled in and the heavens opened. It poured down hard for an hour, sounding like the rainforest. We cuddled and rocked - making sunshine in the rain.

What are you doing to enjoy the rain?

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