Last Minute Trip...With Kids

The ocean was calling. School starts next week. This was our last chance. In a whirlwind of decision-making I washed laundry, folded and packed five people for 8 days, booked a house in the Isle of Palms, boarded the dogs and piled in the car.

My intent was to use my 16 hours in the car to listen to a podcast I had recently been introduced to – Zen Parenting. Because it makes you feel outstanding…and who doesn’t want to feel outstanding? My chauffeur (and husband) went along with this in good spirits. After a a few hours, he suggested I search back through their 322 podcasts to find a topic on traveling with kids…and staying sane. Some were related but nothing hit the nail on the head. Therefore, I have decided to write my personal findings.

  1. Dig deep and find all the energy you have, use it, don't be a fuddy-duddy.

  2. Accept the fact that the kids are going to fight on vacation just as much as they do at home. They do not discriminate against geographic location.

  3. Move slowly and be very flexible.

  4. Find the humor in every meltdown (parents/childs).

  5. Treat children the way that you want them to treat you.

Now turn off those silly podcasts and turn the radio up! Kids have to learn the art of jamming out to the 50-year-old songs…and sing every word as loud as your lungs allow…that’s happiness!

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