Small Changes Create Home Runs

We were one of the millions of families cuddled in front of the TV last night hoping the Cubs could end the curse. They made it look easy until Raja Davis turned it into a nail-biter in the 8th. History will retell the story of how Davis hit a home run that changed the entire game.

Did you see what Davis did?

As he attempted to hit against Chapman, a lefty with a barreling 102 mile-an-hour fast ball…

He choked up on the bat!

A very simple change resulted in a home run - taking Game 7 from a snoozer to one of the best we have ever seen.

What lesson can we take from Davis? Small changes can have dramatic results…if you are willing to make them. Our brains see change as a threat, so the change must be small enough for us to be confident in our ability to succeed. Small successes have a snowball effect. Before you know it, you could be part of the best life imaginable.

What small change are you ready to make today?

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