Desperate for Connection

We were born for connection. Yet we find ourselves living in a world starved for connection. While we seem to be more connected than ever with mobile phones and social media, we evolved from a different type of contact. Face to face communication, empathetic understanding and physical touch is deeply imbedded in the the wiring of our brains.

Lack of this more meaningful kind of connection leads to loneliness. Loneliness effects the same part of our brain as physical pain. In my class with The Neuroscience Academy we recently learned that loneliness is worse than smoking.

How can we combat this loneliness epidemic and start connecting the way our brain needs?

The next time you find yourself at the water-cooler with another person, say hello, ask meaningful questions and listen with an empathetic ear.

Do it again at the coffee shop with the barista…

and again with the other parents at the park.

Keep listening and asking questions and listening more. Responding empathetically for those around you will give you (and them) the connection that your brain is yearning for.

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