April Snow…brings May Flowers

Snow snow go away…I thought as I watched the biggest snowflakes in the history of the world drop from the sky.

Though it is Spring, we found ourselves inside…again…unwilling to brave natures chilling temperatures. My dreams of riding our new bikes have been put off again…

Surely you feel my desperation.

In these moments, I have to take the advice I often give my clients. Focus on what is going well. And there is always something going well.

The work of positive psychologist, Barbara Fredrickson, teaches us that when we focus on what is positive, our minds open up to new possibilities and new ideas which grows our well-being resources. So in times like these, when snowballs are falling from the sky and threatening my outdoor plans, I can stay in a place of calm rather than resorting to frustration and brooding.

So how can we practice this in our daily lives? When you find yourself in my shoes where things are not proceeding as you had hoped – turn your attention to what is going well.

We have heat in our home.

The family gathered to play Sorry.

A dance party organically occurred, thanks to Alexa.

Everyone stayed relatively kind towards one another.

The neighbors came to play.

We sat around the table to have lunch as a family.

I rode my Peloton.

What is going well for you?

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